pekka ala-siuru: researcher/artist

Welcome to my online portfolio.

In this site, you'll find background information about me and my interests, media art projects, publications, photography and related issues.

The sensor based artwork "NeonAlbers" digipainting ("still"photo right) and a gesture controlled light installation "AuroraBorealis" were exhibited in the ParticipART Interactive Art Exhibition @ the Museum of Modern Art Trento/Rovereto, Italy Aug. 1-5. 2006

NeonAlbers & AuroraBorealis

(.pdf documents)

Have also a look at the AI and Interactive Art slides in the slide page

"Neon" Digipainting

Neon Digipainting first implementation is in construction now, it will possibly be for public view in the Brain Center facilities in Raahe later this year. Have a look at the presentation slide: Neon



Related publications

"Ubiart - Ubiquitous Computing and Interactive Art"  Masters thesis, for a copy please contact the author


Pekka Ala-Siuru,"Neon" Digipainting;  Modeling Electronic Arts and Ubiquitous Computing in a Virtual Environment. VSMM 2001,Virtual Systems and Multimedia Conference Proceedings, 25-27.10.2001, Univ.California Berkeley. pp. 539-543, IEEE 2001.

Jukka Riekki,Jouni Huhtinen, Pekka Ala-Siuru, Petteri Alahuhta, Jouni Kaartinen, JuhaRöning; Genie of the Net, an Agent Platform for Managing Services on Behalf of the User ,Computer Communications. Vol. 26 (2003) Nr: 11, pp. 1188 - 1198 Elsevier Science B.V.

Neon -Digipainting /1st version

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